Architectural Department:

- full range of architectural and technical design for new build and extensions as well as alterations and conversion
- architectural and engineering consultancy
- author’s construction site supervision

Project Management Department:

- Project Management / Contract Engineer services (FIDIC)
- building cost advice (planning, control and optimailzation)
- construction site supervision (all engineering specialisations)


Studio / Office:

Granitowa Str. 3 A, 84-230 RUMIA (near GDYNIA)



Company information

KAWENA, Szafranowa Str. 8d / 6, PL 81-591 GDYNIA,

Design Department - KAWENA Beata Węgrzyn

Company registration number: 69404 - Mayor of Gdynia Register of Companies (since 2007)
VAT no.: PL 586-138-29-22
National Business Register Number: 220359877

Project Management Department - KAWENA Krzysztof Węgrzyn

Company registrarion number: 22912 - Mayor of Gdynia Register of Companies (since 1993)
VAT no.: PL 586-016-23-02
National Business Register Number: 190289042